Create a Repository

Quiklrn provides a web based interface for faculty members to upload content or learning asset created by them. This becomes a central repository of learning assets for the departments and the college. Learning assets in the Quiklrn bookstore, are secure and can be accessed by college students and faculty member.

Publishing Engine

Quiklrn's Content Portal, provides a built-in Publishing engine to put together relevant content on the go, without having to leave the interface. Its goal is to improve the speed of finding relevant content and publishing easily.

Notify Events

Colleges have access to a dedicated notification system, to enhance teacher – student communication. Key events can be notified on the students mobile devices through the Quiklrn Platform.

Easy Integration

Quiklrn platform is designed for easy integration with the existing systems that colleges / universities may have implemented. The platform helps in aggregating relevant content from these existing systems, on single screen for the students.