Contextual Search

The contextual search engine recommends relevant content in real time. If you find a video or any resource that is useful, simply add it as a pin onto the page of your book.

Digital Pinning

The interactive reader allows you to augment your books with digital pins, the way you would do on a physical book. Simply use the Add (+) button on the reader to add relevant content like videos, web links, notes or images right next to the topic as a pin.

Learners can nest documents contextually and create their your own learning paths.

Easy Revision

The Quiklrn reader aggregates all the added pins and highlights of the entire book at one place, accessible in a single swipe. So you can gather all your learning needs for easy revision into one place and carry it anywhere you go.

Download Chapters

Search for any topic to find relevant books in the in-built bookstore, called Qstore. Buy the entire book, or a single chapter of the book you want to use. Or take it, just for a few months

App Integration

Quiklrn is integrated with most of the popular apps. Content* can be sent as an email or shared using a messaging app such as Whatsapp.

* subject to copyright