Flexible Content Distribution

Academic syllabus spans across multiple books from different publishers. Quiklrn platform is designed to allow publishers to provide either individual chapters or the entire book. Students can choose the option that suits them best, as per their curriculum.

Secure Encrypted Content

Quiklrn platform ensure that the content partner’s copyrighted content is protected against any unauthorized usage. The platform is enabled with device level safeguards as well as geographic locks, which allows implementation of the requisite licensing policy of the publisher or content partner.

Monitor Usage Stats

Quiklrn platform is designed to track and monitor the content usage at an individual student level. Content can be provided for varying periods with a minimum period of 3 months. Access rights to content is revoked automatically, once the usage period ends.

Upsell Content

Quiklrn tracks the usage and consumption profile of students. These key statistics provides critical inputs to publishers and content partners to sell additional content that is relevant for students / learners.

Monetize Modules

Quiklrn allows content providers and publishers to create multi-media and interactive modules for students. Content partners can monetize such content easily by reducing the dependency on distribution channels.